Lenovo IdeaPad B570 6 cell Original Laptop Battery

Product Description

Specifications Of   Lenovo IdeaPad B570 6 cell Original Laptop Battery
Model Id: IdeaPad B570
Number Of Cells: 6 cell, Rechargeable system battery
In The Box: Laptop Battery, CareGuide
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) technology
Capacity: 10.8V DC, 48 watt hour
Condition: New
Brand: Lenovo
Category: Laptop Battery
A battery is an equipment part that provisions energy to a gadget, empowering that gadget to work without a power line. Batteries are frequently equipped for controlling a tablet phone a few hours relying upon how much power it requires. Today, some top of the line gadgets, for example, PC portable workstations and phones utilize rechargeable batteries that permit a client to revive the battery once exhausted of vitality. compatible with the Lenovo G460, G560, V360, Z460, Z560 laptop models
From the Manufacturer Lenovo 6 Cell Battery
The Lenovo 6 Cell Battery is the best way to keep your laptop in charged condition for longer. The battery has a sleek and lightweight frame, which allows you to carry it along to work, business trips, college presentations so you can plug it in, in case of an emergency. Since it is compatible with the Lenovo G460, G560, V360, Z460, Z560 laptop models, you can use it to replace the main battery after it has clocked out its duty cycle or carry it as a spare to use it when there is no available power source around. This laptop battery incorporates the Lithium Ion technology and is 6.5cm wide. Moreover, it is recyclable, thereby allowing you to do your part in safeguarding the environment. This Lenovo battery matches the standard battery specifications to allow maximum compatibility for daily usage. It discharges power based on the current settings and system requirements such as background applications, the screen brightness, power management and disk fragmentation. The six cell design of this battery from Lenovo ensures that you can use it for longer without facing any problems. Lenovo is a name synonymous across the technology sector because of their immense expertise in computers and their peripherals. This battery is a fine example of a brilliant design that aims at providing an all round solution to the customer.


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